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Every session and programme is individualised for you.

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Pain Control
Back Pain

We all suffer from pain from time to time, an injury or toothache, for example. An acute pain that will subside with time and / or medical treatment.

What if this pain is constant, day in and day out?

Chronic pain can affect individuals physically and mentally, affecting our mood and our outlook on life.  Hypnotherapy may be able to help you develop strategies and coping mechanisms to manage the pain more easily. This, in turn, may help to improve your mental well-being  and your outlook on life.

*Hypnotherapy is a Complementary therapy and it should not be substituted for conventional medicine. If you have pain that is undiagnosed please seek medical advice first.

Stress & Anxiety
Canva - Woman Sitting in Front of the La

We all experience a degree of stress in our lives, it is unavoidable in our fast paced lives. It is often said that some stress can be healthy as it can motivate us to complete a task. I disagree, pressure can often motivate us while stress can make life unbearable and lead to illness. All to often the stresses on us can become overwhelming and difficult to cope with. This can have a detrimental affect on our physical and mental well-being.

Hypnotherapy may be able to help you deal with stress and / or anxiety by helping you to relax and by allowing you to look at situations from a different perspective. Stress and anxiety sessions will also include teaching you resilience techniques to help you cope in stressful situations. Also see my blog posts on stress and anxiety

Simply Relax
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We all lead stressful lives and sometimes it is good to relax. 
Simply Relax is a session of pure relaxation. It is ideal if you just need to relax or if you have not experienced hypnosis before and would like to give it a try.
This session does not include therapy!
Eating Habits
Diet Apples

Are you having a constant fight with your bathroom scales?

At times, eating healthy can feel like an impossible task, being in control and then self-sabotaging without really knowing why.

Sometimes lack of motivation, cravings, guilt and anger can all play a part along with emotions such as stress, anger and even happiness.

We associate food with socialising and food is also something we need to remain healthy. If you are one of the many people who struggle with your relationship with food, life can be tough.

Hypnotherapy may be able to help you with your eating habits by helping you to identify why you react in a certain way regarding food.


It may also be able to help you to develop coping strategies to change your relationship with food. 

Self-Confidence & self-Esteem
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Having low self confidence and / self esteem is more common than we think. Sometimes  we will have an idea of when it began and why but there will be times you have no idea why this is happening. 
Using hypnotherapy techniques I will work with you to try to improve your self-confidence and self esteem in order to improve your life and for you to achieve your desired goals. 
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Smoking Cessation
Canva - Burning Cigarrette on White Back
Some individuals quit smoking with little or no problems while others find it difficult and crave cigarettes. 
This could be because of the  nicotine, as some feel that this is addictive. Others may struggle adapting to social changes, for example, if they stop but their friends continue to smoke. Some individuals may associate certain times of day with having a cigarettes, for example, after a meal or first thing in the morning. 
Hypnotherapy may be able to help you to stop smoking and to deal with cigarette cravings.
The Stop Smoking programme I offer will be tailored to suit your individual requirements.  This will be determined in our discussion during your initial Discovery session. Your programme could range from a basic session lasting approximately 2 hours or it could be a package consisting of an
initial contact session, a 2 hour hypnotherapy session, a follow up phone call 3 days after your hypnotherapy and a top up session within 6 months of your first session, if required. Fees will vary depending upon your requirements, please contact me to discuss your requirements.
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Habits can come in different forms, nail biting, hair twiddling, foot tapping, to name just a few. Often a habit started out as a coping mechanism for something else, for example, to help relieve stress.
Hypnotherapy may be able to help you to eliminate unwanted habits. Click here for video.
Messy Bed
We all experience a poor nights sleep from time to time and this can affect individuals greatly the next day.
Experiencing sleep problems on a regular basis is known as insomnia.
This can affect an individual's  physical and mental well-being and  be detrimental to everyday life. Hypnotherapy may be able to aid an individual to deal with insomnia issues.
Phobias can affect life to various degrees depending on what the phobia is. A fear of spiders, heights, water, enclosed spaces or open spaces, for example, can all affect an individual and their life. Hypnotherapy may be able to aid an individual in dealing with these issues. Click here for video.
Driving Nerves
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Being nervous while driving can be limiting for some individuals. This may be fear of driving on a motorway, fear of driving in a City centre or driving to somewhere unknown. hypnotherapy may be able to help an individual look at a situation differently and aid them to overcome their fear.
Exam Nerves
Researching and Writing
Some degree of apprehension is normal regarding sitting examinations. For some individuals the nerves are so great that they underachieve where exams are concerned. Hypnotherapy may be able to help an individual cope with nerves accociated with exams. 
Public Speaking
Public Speaker
Whether it be a Best man speech or a presentation associated with work, public speaking can be daunting, and for some, it can seem like an impossible task. Hypnotherapy may be able to help an individual overcome their fears and achieve their goals.