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Thank you for helping me with my anxiety issues Sharon, I’ve never looked back. It’s such a relaxing treatment too. I didn’t fancy online treatment but it was great, just the same and it saved me the journey as I always got into the wrong lane coming home x 


Hi Sharon,

Just thought that I would drop you a line to let you know how much I enjoyed working with you. I also feel that I have had tremendous results, although it is still early days, and for me, the results will show more when I am socialising again and going to my social groups where I did feel inferior at times.

As you know I was very sceptical about hypnotherapy having tried it before unsuccessfully. I must say though that working with you was a totally different experience and I really felt myself going into a trance from the second session. 

Although my initial thinking was to focus on weight loss, between us, we decided to initially look at Body Image, Self Esteem & Confidence. It worked really well as I am feeling much better about myself and I feel as though I am walking taller. The last two sessions were about food and eating, and again there has been a big improvement. I am not picking the way I used to, and the only  time I have had biscuits since the sessions was last Monday when I was very hungry, tired and hot but I didn’t get hung up about it or felt guilty. I have still got a packet of Sports Fruits in the cupboard from about eight weeks ago. I keep forgetting about them. 

I was nervous about going it alone  when it came to the end of my sessions but I am still using the techniques that you gave me and I particularly love the bubble which I use regularly. I use the anchor technique regularly as well but this is more subconsciously.

So I would like to say a very big thank you Sharon for your support. So far I am one of your very big success stories.


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