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How to Use Zoom

Hypnotherapy via Zoom is safe and it is as effective as in-person therapy.  This way of working means we are not just a hypnotherapy service provider in West Yorkshire, we can operate nationally and internationally.

Some clients find they like to have their sessions via zoom because it cuts out traveling time to and from their appointment and they don't have to think about any traffic issues. 

Clients are in the comfort of their own home and in familiar surroundings, some find this more relaxing and comforting.

If you are not familiar with Zoom I can help you with this.  I have put some steps below to show how easy this is.


 I will send you an email with a link to our meeting.  
Click on this closer to our meeting time.


If I haven't opened the meeting yet you will see this screen.



You will be asked to add your name. This is so that I can see who is joining the meeting and it aims to keep our session as secure as possible.


You will see a screen saying that I will admit you to the meeting soon.

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