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Get UP!

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

National Get Up Day 1st February 2023

National Get Up day is an annual event reminding us to get up when we fall. It originally started in USA in 2016 by the National Skaters to encourage motivation in all aspects of life when we make mistakes and when we fall.

Depending on why we have fallen it can be difficult to find the motivation to start again, to get back up.

Sometimes we feel that our world has come crumbling down and it isn't always our fault. It could be we have failed at something or something hasn't gone as planned, you could have been letdown by a friend or family member and might not have received the support you had hoped for.

Whatever the reason... do you get back up and dust yourself off or do you stay down, defeated?

Learning by our mistakes is the key to success, we very rarely get something right first time. How many times does a baby pick themselves up

when learning to walk? Each failure giving them the opportunity to perfect the art of walking.

The way we deal with mistakes and failures is often down to our self-esteem and self confidence. The stronger these are the more able we are to deal with and learn from our mistakes.


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