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Face to Face or Zoom?

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Anyone that knows me well will know that my IT skills are not the best, well we can't be good at everything!

So, during my hypnotherapy training I really didn't take a great deal of notice when it came to the part about seeing clients via the internet! A voice in my head said "I'm never going to use the internet with clients, I will always work face to face, I don't need to remember this bit." Erm,.... remember it? I don't think it even went in for me to remember if I'm totally honest.

Now fast track to March 2020.....that's right, the bit where the world stood still and everything seemed to stop. Lockdown meant I had a list of clients who I couldn't see face to face. By summer 2020 I finally bit the bullet to offer online sessions and a year later I am still offering sessions online. My verdict is they are great and I wish I'd embraced them sooner. Are online sessions safe? In the hands of a qualified hypnotherapist both online and face to face sessions are safe. What if the internet stops working during my session? Remember, all hypnosis is actually self hypnosis. If you decide you don't want to go into trance you won't. It doesn't matter what I do it simply won't happen. If you, the client, chooses to go into trance then you can also choose to bring yourself out of trance!

We go into trance on a regular basis throughout the day without realising it, when we zone out watching a film, reading a book or when we simply daydream. No one has ever been left in a trance like state, you either bring yourself out of trance or you fall asleep and wake up naturally.

I always set some safety guidelines at the beginning of each session as a precaution just in case the internet should fail. What do I need? A quiet, private space. You need a computer, laptop or tablet and this needs to be stood on a flat surface so that I can see your face, shoulders and the top of your chest. If you keep hold of the device whilst going into trance you will drop it as you relax. This means I'll be looking at your ceiling or floor and I wont be able to see you. I also dread to think of what damage you might cause to your device. It is possible to use a smart phone for online sessions if that is all you have but I prefer not to due to the size of the screen. Please don't balance the devise on your tummy, as you go into trance this will move as you breathe. It causes the image on my screen to move like a Mexican wave and make me feel sick!

You also need a comfy chair, one that supports your head and neck, if possible. You can use a footrest if you want to and some clients find it beneficial to have a blanket. If you want to you could lay down on a bed or sofa.

The session is more beneficial if you use earbuds or earphones.

What if we get interrupted?

But what if we don't? Sometimes we may get interrupted, if it does happen we will deal with it and continue with the session. Life doesn't always go to plan! Interruptions or not you will have a lovely therapy session. Advantages of online sessions. You don't have to travel so it saves you time. You don't have to worry about traffic, parking or getting lost. You are in familiar surroundings in the comfort of your own home. Some clients are apprehensive about online sessions but there isn't anything to worry about as this client discovered: "I am feeling very calm, relaxed and sleepy after another hypnotherapy session with Sharon today. It was my first encounter with Zoom and wearing ear phones for any length of time. There was nothing to fear from either. Sharon makes sure the Zoom meeting is private and secure and it is a wonderful experience"


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