I'm the Founder of Sirocco Therapy

I first came across hypnotherapy when I was a Student Nurse at North Tees University Hospital. I remember thinking WOW! The feeling I experienced was, to me, fantastic. That feeling has stayed with me throughout my life.

I went on to complete my nurse training and I worked for many years as a State Registered Nurse at North Tees University Hospital but the interest in complementary therapies, especially hypnotherapy, never left me.

My working life took several twists and turns over the years, Nursery Nurse, Childminder, College Lecturer and finally, a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist. ( Dip.CHH, Cert NLP, Cert Hypno-Coaching)

My career has always involved working with others in caring, supportive roles. I am passionate about helping individuals to overcome difficulties and obstacles in their life. 

As a qualified hypnotherapist I have one of the best jobs in the world. I am passionate about the therapy I deliver and the impact it can make for some individuals. It's a fantastic feeling watching clients meet their desired goals and make changes to enhance their lives. I love the fact that I have been part of their journey and that I have helped to support them to achieve their goals and dreams. 

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Sharon Zarchi
Clinical Hypnotherapist

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