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Sirocco Therapy Location

  • Sirocco Therapy is ​located in Thornhill, just outside of Dewsbury, West Yorkshire and my relaxing therapy room is part of my home. In person and online  sessions are available.

  • Whether you are looking for natural menopause relief, help with stress and anxiety, a Virtual Gastric band or help with another issue affecting your health and well-being, hypnotherapy at Sirocco Therapy may be able to help.

  • Sirocco Therapy is easily accessible from Wakefield, Huddersfield, Leeds and the surrounding area for in-person sessions.

  • Online sessions are also available if distance is an issue or if you prefer to have your sessions delivered in the comfort of your own home. Online sessions makes Sirocco Therapy accessible locally, nationally and Worldwide. Sessions online also allow me to be a little more flexible when providing sessions.

  • These online sessions are just as effective as those delivered in person. You will require a stable internet connection and, ideally, a laptop or tablet, but clients have used their mobile phones in session too. I ask you to make your devise free standing and secure so that I am able to clearly see your face, shoulders and upper chest. Placing your device on a table top, a cabinet or propped up on books is ideal. I send you a secure link for your session, talk you through what you need to do and I make sure you are safe.

Sirocco Therapy takes its name from the Sirocco wind, a hot dry wind originating in the Sahara. Gathering moisture as it travels across the Mediterranean and the Adriatic, the wind becomes warm and humid.  

The Sirocco wind changes character as it travels and it is known by different names in different countries.

With this in mind, may be you can change...…. just like the wind!

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