At Sirocco Therapy one size doesn't fit all!
Every session and programme is planned and individualised for you allowing you the very best experience and outcome possible.

Card payments accepted.
Session payments in advance of sessions please.

Sessions are 60 - 75 minutes long apart from past life regression.
Monday - Friday


Discovery Session             FREE

30 - 60 minutes  




Single session                      £70                                     


Block Bookings   


 4 sessions                           £270  

 6 sessions                           £390


(No therapy)                         £50

Past Life Regression             £130




   Weekend  Fees


Discovery Session             £30 

30 - 60 minutes.

Relaxation and therapy sessions

as week day prices plus 20%







Fixed Rate Packages 

Plus 20% for weekend sessions


Menopause Relief programme £330 (5 sessions) 

these can be purchased individually at £70 per session.

Slimmer You Programme       £390

All fees are payable in advance please.