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Group Relaxation


Join me on a wonderful tranquil journey where we use relaxation and visualisation to help you reduce stress in time for Easter.

It is a time where you can leave worries and troubles behind just for a while. Some often find that those worries and troubles are easier to deal with after a relaxation session.

Life is stressful! Unless we find ways of releasing some of that stress it can build up impacting on our physical and mental health.


Many of us don't know how to relax. Sometimes we feel guilty for taking timeout for ourselves, and yet, this is a necessity to keep us healthy. Throughout the four weeks you will learn techniques to help you relax more easily.


My group relaxation programme runs over four consecutive weeks for approximately one hour a week. This is time where you can leave worries and troubles behind, just for a little while.

The programme is delivered to you in the comfort of your own home via Zoom. It is just as safe and as effective as seeing me in person. You will be part of a small group taking part. Groups are small to allow the relaxation to be individualised as much as possible and to allow participants to feel comfortable.

If the dates below are not convenient complete the interest form below as I have new programmes starting throughout the year.

A magical price for a magical, relaxing journey!

Register your interest below - More dates coming soon

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