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Ten Steps to Unleashing Your Inner Confidence.

It takes time and effort, but it can be done.

1. Challenge the negative thoughts that you have.

What evidence do you have to back up a particular thought?

How old were you when you formed that opinion?

How old were you when you gained the evidence?

If it was in childhood, start to look at the opinion and the evidence through your adult eyes and not that of the child.

The more frequently you do this the easier it will become.

2. List 5 things you are good at.

3. List at least 5 things you like about you, including physical things.

Repeat 2 & 3 regularly and try to build on these lists each time you carryout the exercise.

4. Use positive affirmations daily, if possible.

5. Each day find something that you are grateful for. Try to find something different each day if you can. This could be just being grateful for getting out of bed if you are having a particularly bad day!

6. Start a happiness jar.

7. Celebrate your body, your scars, lumps, and bumps. Life is a journey; our body is the map and shows we have lived!

8. Keep a journal. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; you can just jot down your thoughts. Getting thoughts onto paper often helps us make sense of the jumble that’s in our head.

9. Learn to manage your workload, stop people pleasing and say NO if you feel you can’t do something.

10. Include some time to yourself into your diary, ME time is precious!


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