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Lost it?

Loss, according to the Oxford dictionary, is the state of no longer having something.

They give examples of the loss of a package, the closure of a factory leading to job losses, and loss after death.

Most of the examples given are negative, although they also list weight loss as an example.

We say things such as ‘a lost cause,’ ‘I have lost my mobile,’ I have lost my car keys,’ ‘I lost my money,’ ‘I have lost my job,’ and ‘the loss of a loved one.’ These phrases relate to negativity and, in some instances, the need to find an item. You grieve the loss of a loved one and you look to find your lost mobile, car keys or money. All these situations cause a degree of discomfort, pain, and distress, some more than others.

Let’s look at weight loss. We frequently say I need to lose weight; I have lost weight; I am losing weight. Such small words… loss, lose and lost but all can mean massive implications.

If we use the word loss when connected to weight does that subconsciously link to negativity?

Do we subconsciously eventually start to seek out the weight we have lost?

I’m not giving an excuse to anyone to stop working to achieve a healthy weight, but it is something to think about. Many of us often unknowingly pick up negativity.

It is the reason why I avoid using the words weight loss with my clients. The words are part of our vocabulary, and it is a hard habit to break. The slimming packages I offer at Sirocco Therapy are individualised Weight Management Programmes focusing on goals and successes.

Management, according to the Oxford dictionary, is the activity of running and controlling a business or similar organisation.

The word management gives the connotation of being in control, to me it is a strong word, bringing with it capability and achievement. You are managing your weight and you are in control of what you are doing! It is much more positive than that little negative word loss!

What other words to you say to yourself regarding your weight that could be sabotaging you?



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Mar 19, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I hadn’t thought about losing weight in terms of loss. A really interesting

Sirocco Therapy
Sirocco Therapy
Mar 19, 2023
Replying to

Thank you for taking time to read it and for your feedback. It is a different way to think about reducing weight.

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